Date and TimeTitle
Apr 24, 2019 (Pacific)
9:17am - 9:32am
Demystifying Data Science | Mr.Asitang Mishra | TEDxOakLawn

In this talk Mr.Asitang Mishra relates his experiences as a Data Scientist at the world famous NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). With his wit, intellect, and didactic aphorisms, Asitang truly paints a picture on what it means to be the modern day data science superhero. Facing some of the world's most complex engineering challenges in the space science frontier, Asitang sheds incredible light on how combining open source technology with multi-disciplinary collaboration at NASA, paves the way for some of humanity's most ingenious solutions. He pokes fun at and tries to explain the various quirks of this new, fast growing and at times vague field of data science and engineering in simple and easy to digest terms.

Nov 18, 2021 (Santiago)
10:00am - 11:20am
Ceremonia Inauguración/Bienvenida/Charla Robótica Colaborativa: Introducción a la Industria 4.0

10:00 Palabras de Bienvenida

Paula Gajardo Tapia
Directora Ejecutiva- Red de Asistencia Digital Fortalece Pyme Maule.
Felipe Torti Solar
Gerente -Programa Estratégico Regional, Maule Alimenta.

Claudio Valenzuela Chadwick
Gerente de Redes y Territorio-Corfo

10:30 Charla

Robótica Colaborativa: Introducción a la Industria 4.0
Dr. Pablo Aqueveque N.
Ingeniero Civil Electrónico, Doctor en Ciencias de la Ingeniería, Director
del Centro de Industria 4.0 -Universidad de Concepción.




Nov 18, 2021 (Santiago)
3:00pm - 4:35pm
Charlas pm

15:00 Charla

Agricultura 4.0 y su estado desarrollo actual: Etapa I. Digitalización
Dr. Christian Correa Farías
Ing. Civil Agrícola, Magister en Ingeniería Agrícola, Doctor en Agro
ingeniería por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

16:00 Charla

Sistema MES (Manufacturing Execution System) aplicado a la
Ing. Jesús García Mogollón
Jefe de Ingeniería y Mantenimiento Congelados Watt's